Sampling campagne Waddensea

A flush lake outside the dike seems to be an efficiënt option to end the constant blocking of the small port due to mud deposition.

This is shown by research by the Noorderzijlvest water board. The waterboard has already commissioned a follow-up study into the financial feasibility of a ‘flushing lake’, inside or outside the dike.

The water board, the province and the municipality of Eemsmond want to make a decision in the summer of 2018 about the mud problem in Noordpolderzijl. So far, almost every year, the navigation channel has to be deepened in order to keep the country’s smallest port accessible.

For the long term dredging is not a sustainable solution, says the water board on the basis of research conducted by Hysas and among others by SEMASO. Not only is it expensive, it also has to be repeated every once in a while and is therefore also harmful to nature and the environment.

Mud sampling

Mud sampling