Together with our sister companies Wiertsema & Partners BV and Marine Sampling Holland BV we have gained a lot of experience in the underwater sampling of the seabed in ports, canals, seas and estuaries.

Determination of the in-situ density (by SoniDens)

The SoniDens is an accurate piece of equipment for the measurement of the in-situ density of fluid mud (unconsolidated sediment).

(Download Technical Specification Sheet)

Taking sediment water samples for laboratory analysis (by Horizontal sediment water sampler)

Sampling with the Van Veen Grab, Beeker sampler, Tube pump and Vibrocorer

Taking samples of the ‘fluid mud’ layer for laboratory analysis (by Sludge Sampler)

Sampling the consolidated sediment layer with Van Veen sampler


Leaflet Mud Charateristics (Download)

Leaflet SoniDens (Download)