The laboratory tests are performed according the Dutch standards standards (RAW, NEN, CUR etc.). We can also perform tests according the most common foreign standards (British standard, DIN and ASM).

In consultation with the Client, SEMASO will be able to execute some laboratory analyses on location, otherwise they will be executed in Tolbert, the Netherlands.

There are several additional tests possible in our geotechnical laboratory. For more information please contact


– Classification of the sediment samples (Mud characteristics)

– Particle Size Distribution by sieving (particles > 63 micron) and/or sedigraph (> 2 micron and < 63 micron)

– Determination of the wet and dry densities and the particle density (by helium pycnometer)

– Organic and carbonate content (chemical or glow method)

– Testing for the rheological properties of fluid mud (yield point and viscosity)

– Settling speed tests and re-consolidation tests

– Determintation of ripening factor of dredged sediment