Rijpingsfactor baggerspecie

Ripening is primarily aimed for dewatering and structureimprovement, by physical and chemical processes. In this proces also (chemical or) biological oxidation of organic micropollution occurs, but this is not the main purpose of this technique.

A measurement of the physical ripening is the ripeningsfactor ‘n’. De ripeningfactor of sediment is not only determined by the amount of watercontent, but is also dependent of the clay content and the organic content. These parameters are used in a formula to calculate the ripeningfactor (Source: Bodemtichtlijn.nl).

Semaso B.V. has the knowledge and laboratory equipment tot determine the ripeningfactor of dredged sediment.

Ripening factor n Indication Description of the consistency;
< 0,7 fully ripened stive, does not stick to the hands and can not be pushed through the fingers
0,7 1,0 nearly ripened fairly stive, sticks a little bit to the hands and can not be easily be pushed throuh the fingers
1,0 1,4 half ripened fairly weak, sticks to the hands and is easily pushed through the fingers
1,4 2,0 nearly unripened weak, sticks strongly to the hands and is easily pushed through the fingers
> 2,0 unripened very weak, runs almost instantly through the fingers

(Source: Bodemrichtlijn.nl)